Water & Sewer Billing

Water Rates 2022-2026

To pay your water bill via phone call: 844-731-2344

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Billing Overview

Each residence of the city receives a water and sewer bill every month. The meter is read on the 15th of each month, all readings are verified. Bills are printed by a third party vendor and mailed.

Due Dates

The bill is to be delivered on the 1st of the month and is due by the 16th of the month. If the bill is not paid, an additional 10% is added to the bill. That residence will be scheduled for turn-off if the bill is not paid in full by the 4th Monday of the following month. On approximately the 20th of the following month, a red tag is placed on the house where the water is to be turned off. If a red tag is delivered, that water user will be assessed an additional $10 fee.

Three to five days later, that residence will be scheduled for turn-off if payment still has not been made. If the residence is scheduled for turn-off, an additional fee of $35 will be added to the account, whether the water was actually turned off or not.

Payment of total past due balance must be made before water will be scheduled for turn on. Resident must contact the water billing office to schedule turn on after payment is received. If payment is made on or after 12:00 pm (noon), water will be scheduled for turn on the next business day after payment is received and resident has contacted the water billing office. If a resident requests to have water turned on after normal business hours the same day as payment is received on or after 12:00 pm, there will be a charge of $90 to be paid before turn on is scheduled.

After Hours Emergency

Should an emergency situation arise after normal business hours, on a weekends, or holiday, please contact the non-emergency number at 797-0402.