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1. Do you have any free weeks when yard waste stickers are not needed?
2. When is yard waste pickup for the City of East Moline?
3. When is there a City wide cleanup program?
4. Does the City of East Moline provide special pickups for larger items?
5. I need to locate sewer and water lines on my property. Who should I call?
6. I have concerns about stormwater drainage. Who do I contact?
7. Can I plant my own trees on the right of way?
8. I have a drainage easement on my property. What can I build on this easement?
9. I have a utility easement on my property. What can I build on this easement?
10. My neighbor has diverted water onto my property. Who do I contact?
11. The street light in my neighborhood is burned out. Who do I call?
12. When will my neighborhood street be treated for ice or have the snow plowed?
13. My business has a parking lot. Can I push the snow onto the public roadway?
14. Who do I call if I see a stop or yield sign missing, or a traffic light that is burned out?
15. Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk along my property?
16. Who is responsible for maintenance of my driveway, which is within the public right of way?
17. When am I, the owner, responsible for upkeep concerning my water pipes?
18. I am having a neighborhood block party. Do I need a permit?