Why is it called a regional P.O.T.W. plant?
The P.O.T.W. stands for Publicly Owned Treatment Works. We are a regional P.O.T.W. in that we serve 5 communities. Besides East Moline, we also receive wastewater from Hampton, Rapid City, Silvis, and Carbon Cliff. If you have any questions, please contact Wastewater Treatment.

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1. Why is it called a regional P.O.T.W. plant?
2. What is the capacity?
3. What is the typical flow?
4. What type of treatment plant is it?
5. How is the waste treated?
6. Can you dump anything down the drain?
7. Are all wastewater treatment plants the same?
8. What becomes of the treated waste residuals?
9. Do you have tours?
10. Have there been any changes since the last upgrade?
11. What regulations if any are there for wastewater disposal?