Investigation Division

The East Moline Police Department Investigation Division conducts follow up investigations on all felony crimes and other major cases. Investigators conduct interviews, gather evidence, obtain search warrants and file criminal charges. Investigators also spend a considerable amount of time involved in trial preparation and court room testimony.

The East Moline Police Department Investigation Division is made up of several different specialty units. Investigators specialize in areas such as general investigations, juvenile investigations, schools, narcotics and gang investigations.


Some investigators are assigned to the Special Operations Unit that conducts proactive investigations in vice crimes such as narcotics and prostitution.

Some officers are assigned to positions outside the department in conjunction with other officers from area agencies in the Illinois / Iowa Quad City area. These officers work with the Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG) and the FBI Gang Task Force (GTF). The MEG agents conduct undercover drug investigations, covert surveillance, hotel investigations, interstate interdiction and asset forfeiture.

The East Moline Police Department receives a grant from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority that funds one of the officers assigned to the MEG. The GTF agents conduct investigations utilizing federal laws to prosecute organized criminal enterprises. They prepare conspiracy investigations involving large scale drug dealing.

School Resource Officer Program

The East Moline Police Department works closely with the area school districts to help provide a safe and secure learning environment. This partnership with the school districts and law enforcement provides added security, education, and community enhancement to our school systems. Officers work closely with teachers, administrators and students to accomplish this mission. Read more about the School Resource Officer Program.

Help Solve Crime

The East Moline Police Department is seeking information regarding criminal activity within the city limits. If you know of the whereabouts of subjects wanted for questioning, wanted on warrants, or have knowledge of criminal activity, please call the East Moline Police Department at 309-752-1555 or Crime Stoppers, 309-762-9500

Submit an online Crime Stoppers tip.