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1. I received a letter that my grass is too tall. Am I getting fined?
2. I received a notice letter, but my grass was already mowed.
3. I received a notice/bill but no longer own the property due to selling on contract /forcelosure /bankruptcy
4. Due to ____ reason, I cannot mow the grass.
5. How many notices will I get?
6. The property down the street has tall weeds. Who do I call?
7. How do you tell if the grass is too tall?
8. The house next door has tall weeds in the backyard behind their privacy fence. Why hasn’t anything been done?
9. The property next door only mows the front why isn't the City doing anything?
10. I received a notice letter, but my neighbor’s property is far worse than mine.
11. Do I need to let you know when I cut the grass?
12. Can I mow the vacant lot / property next door?
13. My neighbor’s tree is overgrown and hangs over my property. Is this overgrown vegetation?
14. My neighbor does not trim his side of our joint fence when he mows his grass, so there are tall grass and weeds along the fence.
15. What happens if I sold the property but did not record the sale with the County?
16. How much will I have to pay if the City mows my property?
17. Once the city mows a property how often will it be mowed?
18. Can I grow wildflowers? How about a garden?
19. What is a weed?
20. Are there any exceptions?