Why is the stormwater utility fee needed?
The City of East Moline has implemented a stormwater fee rather than raise property taxes or cut services in order to meet new, federally-mandated regulations for discharging stormwater and pay for the associated stormwater infrastructure costs. The stormwater that leaves your property as runoff ultimately drains into a city maintained drainage facility. A fee is assessed because this runoff contributes to the need for operation and maintenance costs of the stormwater management system to prevent and correct stormwater runoff problems. Some of the services tied to the stormwater program include:
  • Construction inspection
  • Flood protection through capital improvement projects
  • Improved water quality by reducing pollutants
  • Project design and management
  • Public education and outreach
  • Shoulder and ditch maintenance within the publicly owned right-of-way
  • State and federal regulatory compliance
  • Storm drain cleaning and repair
  • Street sweeping
If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department.

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