East Moline Streetscape Master Plan - Final

Greater Downtown Streetscaping

This web page contains the grant narrative and all supporting documents for the City of East Moline’s application for a "Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity " (RAISE) discretionary grant 2021.

East Moline has been working for some time on an overall master plan to improve accessibility and connectivity in the downtown area.  This year, the city embarked on an all-inclusive effort to create a comprehensive, sustainable Greater Downtown community that better integrates key goals of economic prosperity, social vibrancy, ecological integrity, and human experiences.  05-13-20 Special Council Meeting Presentation Goals-Opportunities Diagram

With a RAISE Grant, the City would have the opportunity to implement proposed enhancements to the Greater Downtown area and improve connections between the 15th Avenue Downtown district, The Rust Belt, and The Bend. If the RAISE Grant was awarded, the project would include:

  • 15th Avenue reconstruction & streetscaping (i.e. complete street: vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists)
    between 6th Street and 13th Street
  • 12th Avenue reconstruction & streetscaping between 1st Street and 7th Street
  • 7th Street streetscaping & RR crossing enhancements between 12th Street and 15th Avenue
  • Bend Boulevard & 3rd Street streetscaping through The Bend
  • Extend Bend Boulevard (complete street) to 7th Street for connectivity & development corridor


City of East Moline RAISE Grant Application

East Moline RAISE Grant – Narrative

Appendix A - Letters of Support

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