Getting Started

Any person wishing to perform body art or operate a body art establishment, whether it is a new or existing facility,and regardless of whether the operation is permanent, mobile or temporary must comply with City and State regulations. The following information is designed to help operators and artists through this process:

  1. Establishment
  2. Body Art Technician
  3. Non-Compliant Operations

All facilities must be IDPH registered and licensed by the City – for permanent and mobile facilities follow these steps to simplify the process and plan your opening:

First Step – Contact Health Department

Often bypassed, this step is crucial in helping you understand the process and the facts needed to get licensed. We will identify where you are in the process, what happens next, anticipate time lines, provide instruction on getting your facility and artists into compliance and discuss the various inspections and permits you will need throughout this process.

Second Step - Ensure Facility Can Be Licensed

Not every facility is designed for immediate use as a body art establishment. This step will help you identify if the location you plan to use meets those requirements or what you must address to get your applications approved and pass inspections. (Note: information given to you during this step is necessary to the applications you must submit to the state and city in Step 3)

  • Local zoning codes are reviewed to ensure your facility can be permitted for this use at this location
  • Onsite Consultation Inspections at the proposed site will review all health, plumbing, building, fire, and ADA requirements. At the end of the inspection operators will have a good understanding of what it will take to get this site operational. Request Onsite Consultation Inspection (PDF).

Third Step – Application Process

  • State Registration -- The applicant shall submit the Body Art Establishment Registration Application (PDF) and non-refundable fee to IDPH for review. Once approved by IDPH the application will be forwarded to the City for the required final inspection. The state certificate does not grant permission to operate until all city permits are approved and the facility passes inspection. The state registration certificate is valid for one year and must be renewed annually. Call IDPH at 217-785-2439 if you have any questions regarding this application or process.
  • City Requirements – Applicant shall submit the complete East Moline Application for Body Art Facility (PDF), along with the $100 non-refundable fee for review. Be sure to submit all Body Art Technician Applications 4-6 weeks prior to your anticipated opening date to ensure your opening is not delayed.

Fourth Step – Final Inspection

  • To ensure there are not any surprises at the final inspection owners are encouraged to communicate regularly with city inspectors. We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have, or visit you on site, anytime during this process.
  • The health department will conduct your pre-opening inspection once all other city inspectors have signed off, the State has approved your application and all Body Art Technician applications have been approved.