Weed Abatement

With warmer weather comes grass and weeds. If left unchecked, tall grass and weeds become a nuisance. Here is some information on the City’s ordinance and policies.

  1. Overview
  2. Notices & Inspections
  3. Abatement & Penalties
  4. Property Status Inquiries

April 15 through October 31 of each year notices will be sent out by the Health Department if your property is found to be in excess of 8 inches in height and abated if not brought into compliance within the time frames given. The property owner is responsible for all costs incurred, including administrative fees.

View the Ordinance:

East Moline Plants and Weeds Ordinance - Title 7, Chapter 4

What is wrong with tall grass?
Besides being unsightly, tall grass and weeds contribute to an unkempt look and feel to your neighborhood. Tall grass can harbor trash and hazards which can be dangerous to neighborhood occupants and children. It can also become home for vermin, nuisance insects, and other undesirable animals, as pests are more comfortable in these overgrown conditions. A highly overgrown lot also becomes very dry in the heat of summer and is a potential fire hazard.

In addition; allowing weeds to mature also increases their ability to spread to neighboring properties, causing undue expense for those property owners, and unmaintained properties are a potential invitation to crime. Therefore, City Code requires that tall grass and weeds be regularly maintained.

Public rights-of-way, boulevards and traffic vision obstructions
Please note that no shrubbery or other vegetation may obstruct movement or vision on City streets, sidewalks or alleys. Maintenance of vegetation on public right-of-way boulevards or parkway strips is the responsibility of the adjacent owner / occupant.