Crisis Containment Unit

About The Team

The East Moline Police Department has 5 officers assigned to the Moline Police Department Crisis Containment Unit.(CCU). The CCU is a team of police officers with advanced training in special tactics, weaponry, and crisis negotiations. The team includes approximately 30 police officers who serve in roles as tactical entry team members, tactical snipers, team leaders, incident commanders, and crisis situation negotiators. Four experienced tactical emergency dispatchers provide specialized field communications to the unit. Each member serves a specific critical role, but all members share the responsibility for the success of each mission. Click here to learn more about the Crisis Containment Unit.

Region # 2 Special Response Team

Two members of the department also serve on the State of Illinois, Region # 2 Special Response Team (SRT). They receive additional training and equipment to enable them to respond to terrorist events that may involved chemical, biological, or nuclear substances, which is beneficial to the entire team. State and Federal funds support the SRT.