Fire Service Training

Probationary Training

  • Before completion of their 1 year probationary period, all firefighters must attended an approved Illinois Fire Academy, and attain an OSFM Firefighter II level certification.
  • As a general requirement for attending an approved Illinois Fire Academy, students must complete:
    • Hazardous Materials Awareness
    • Technical Rescue Awareness
    • Emergency Vehicle Operation

Firefighter III Training

  • Currently all EMFD Firefighters with an OSFM Firefighter III level certification receive an education allowance added to their base pay.
    • The majority of Firefighter III Training is currently conducted in-house.
    • The OSFM requires the following for FFIII certification:
      • FFIII Course Completion
      • FFIII Practical Exercise Completion
      • Pass OSFM Written Exam
      • 3 Years Fire Suppression Experience
      • Hazardous Materials Operations Certification

Fire Officer Training

  • For persons who desire future promotion to a fire officer position, the East Moline Fire Department highly encourages participation in training that is designed specifically to handle the increased responsibilities and functions of the job.
  • The Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal (IL-OSFM) issues different levels of Fire Officer Certification to those individuals who complete a prescribed program of instruction. The programs and classes most commonly attained by firefighters in the East Moline Fire Department include:
    • Certified Fire Officer I
      • Instructor I
      • Tactics & Strategy I
      • Fire Prevention Principles
      • Management I
      • Management II
    • Certified Fire Officer II
      • Instructor II
      • Tactics & Strategy II
      • Management III
      • Management IV

To assist firefighters with attaining an OSFM Fire Officer Certification, the East Moline Fire Department currently reimburses each student $125 for each of the above classes they complete.

Continuing Firefighter Education

Like many fire departments, the East Moline Fire Department conducts periodic Basic Firefighter Skills Training. This training is usually conducted at the FF III level, and is designed based on industry, and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Standards. Below are examples of class subjects:

  • Building Construction
  • Communications
  • Fire Apparatus
  • Fire Behavior
  • Fire Ground Safety
  • Fire Hose / Appliances
  • Fire Prevention
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Ladders
  • Rapid Intervention Teams
  • Ropes & Knots
  • Salvage & Overhaul
  • SCBA
  • Standpipe / Sprinkler
  • Ventilation
  • Water Supply

The East Moline Fire Department is one of 6 member agencies in MABAS Division 43. As part of MABAS 43, EMFD personnel work and train closely with our partner agencies. Fire suppression related training might include: Acquired Structure Burns, Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Training; Communications Training; and Live Burn Tower Training. To coordinate these activities, training officers from the different agencies meet regularly with Special Operations Team Coordinators, the RIT Training Coordinator, and other instructors.

These meetings are generally chaired by the MABAS 43 Training Officer.

Specialty Classes

Whenever there is a specific need, and the training budget allows, specialty classes may be requested from public or private training organizations. The Office of Training, Education, and EMS also occasionally receive notice of classes held by other fire, police, and EMS agencies. Examples of specialty classes include:

  • Advanced Breathing Apparatus
  • Arson Investigator
  • Engine Company Operations
  • Fire Apparatus Engineer
  • Fire Investigator
  • ICS - 100
  • ICS - 200
  • ICS - 300
  • ICS - 700
  • ICS - 800
  • Juvenile Firesetter Specialist
  • LP Fires
  • RIT Under Fire
  • Saving Our Own
  • Truck Company Operations