Training, Education, & EMS


The East Moline Fire Department uses a training model that has 4 pillars (Fire, EMS, Special Operations, Career Development) resting upon a foundation of safety. Each of these pillars works together, along with a foundation of safe practices and procedures, to provide the citizens of East Moline professional community oriented emergency response services.


  • Safety must become a constant state of mind
  • Safe practices must become reflex in nature
  • EMFD Safe Practices are communicated through:
    • East Moline Fire Department SOGs
    • City of East Moline Policies and Procedures
    • National Incident Management System - ICS
    • Training delivered annually or for a specific event
    • Officer and peer influences
  • Annual Safety Training includes:
    • OSHA Blood-borne Pathogens Training
    • OSHA Respiratory Protection Training
    • Emergency Vehicle Operator Training