K9 Unit


Canine Program

The East Moline Police Department has had 6 police canines since 1925 that have preformed police duties to assist officers in the field.

K9 Argo is the current canine assigned to Sgt. David Rummery.

Previous canines were full service dogs. Their training allows them to locate narcotics, locate evidence in the field, track human scent, apprehend criminals and protect his handler. Police dogs ride in a marked police car with a trained K9 handler and worked the same hours as the officer.

In addition to regular patrol police duties, canines are also utilized by the narcotics units for drug detection on narcotics investigations.

Past K9 Teams

The East Moline Police Department started its modern day K9 program in 1968 with Officer Nielsen and K9 Duke. It was the 2nd canine program in the area, preceded by the Silvis Police Department. Other departments added K9 programs in the mid 1970s. The East Moline Police Department previously had a police service dog around 1925. Modern day canine programs require extensive training and have evolved dramatically.

The 1st canines were used for tracking perpetrators, locating missing persons, protection and deterrence. Early canines were not narcotic detection trained as today's full service dogs. East Moline Police's 1st canine was trained in Moline, Kansas and certified by a canine trainer who established the Wichita Police canine program. Today's service dogs receive certification at the Illinois State Police and are certified through the National Police Canine Association. Additionally today's canines have Narcotics Detection Certifications.

The East Moline Police Department did not have an active K9 from 1972 to 1993 when Officer Roselieb is credited with reviving the K9 program and Gero subsequently joined the department and began service in 1993. The department has had a canine in service almost continuously for the past 15 years. This ended in March 2014 with the retirement of K9 Ivan.

In 2016, Chief John Reynolds reinstated the canine program and purchased another German Shepherd full service dog. Ofc. David Rummery was appointed as the canine handler and attended the Illinois State Police K9 academy.

K9 Officer Alex Strandgard

Canine King
Circa 1925

K9 Officer Tom Nielson

Canine Duke
1968 - 1971

Canine Chico
1971 - 1972

Canine Duke

K9 Officer Shawn Roselieb

Canine Gero
June 1993 - August 1999

Canine Gero

K9 Officer Luke Blaser

Canine Sampson
February 2000 - August 2007

Canine Sampson

K9 Officer Brian Morrisey

Canine Ivan
November 2007 - March 2014


K9 Officer David Rummery

Canine Argo
August 2016 - Current

k9 team rummery