Stormwater Utility

East Moline Stormwater Utility

Stormwater Utility improvements are required for many reasons, including:

  • Repairs to the City’s deteriorated levee system so that the levees may be acceptably certified to FEMA and maintain their 100-year flood protection rating.
  • Improvements to deteriorated ravine drainage structures caused by erosion.
  • Repair or replace collapsing and/or aging culverts, storm sewers, inlets, detention facilities, check dams, control structures, and other drainage infrastructure.
  • The City must comply with newly mandated and unfunded Federal and State regulations regarding the amount and quality of stormwater that can be discharged into rivers and streams. This program’s intent is to reduce discharge of pollutants from the storm sewer system, protect all tributaries, and improve water quality.
  • The projected cost of repairs and improvements will be millions of dollars.

Why is the Stormwater utility fee needed?

In order to meet new, federally-mandated regulations for discharging stormwater and pay for the associated stormwater infrastructure costs, the City of East Moline has implemented a stormwater fee rather than raise property taxes or cut services. A survey of East Moline’s existing stormwater infrastructure found them in disrepair and in need of significant repairs.

Who pays the Stormwater Utility fee?

The stormwater utility is a user-fee, much like the fee that you pay for your water or wastewater service. All property owners must share in the cost of the stormwater program. This includes residents, businesses, institutions, and industry.

How is the Stormwater Utility charge calculated?

The stormwater charges will be calculated based on the amount of a property’s impervious area which can be measured and is a reasonably objective means to determine stormwater runoff. Impervious area is the area that prevents or impedes storm water to soak into the soil. Impervious areas include rooftops, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots.