Engineering Department

The Engineering Department is responsible for the administration and oversight of engineering services and provides technical assistance for Maintenance Services, Stormwater Management, Zoning, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment and other departments in the city as required by code and policy.

Engineering Department Objectives

  • Capital improvement planning and budgeting for public works projects including streets, water, sewer, and storm drainage infrastructure
  • Conducting plan reviews for both municipal infrastructure designs for new developments and private site designs to ensure compliance with city standards and compatibility with existing facilities
  • Coordinating with the Illinois Department of Transportation on State-related roadway projects
  • Maintaining and updating the city's Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Preparing construction plans, bidding and contract documents, and providing construction oversight for capital improvement projects
  • Providing maps, records and other documents related to public infrastructure to the public and other departments in the city
  • Providing technical assistance to residents and potential developers with regard to civil engineering-related issues
  • Providing technical support services for other city departments
  • Regulating physical improvements within public right-of-way

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