School Resource Officer Program

The East Moline Police Department works closely with the area school districts to help provide a safe and secure learning environment.  This partnership with the school districts and law enforcement provides added security, education and community enhancement to our school systems.  Officers work closely with teachers, administrators and students to accomplish this mission.

United Township High School

The East Moline Police Department, in partnership with the United Township High School District, created a School Resource Officer Position. Detective Drobney is assigned to U.T.H.S. on a full time basis. He works with the administration of UTHS and the Police Department to deter, investigate and solve criminal activity at the school. Detective Drobney also works with students in a variety of situations and acts as a friend and confidant.

  • Assist school personnel in maintaining a safe school environment.
  • Take police reports for violations of the law and investigate such complaints.
  • Build better relations between police and school employees and also between police and students.
  • Present education programs for school staff such as gang awareness.
  • Provide classroom presentations to students in drivers ed and other classes.

The school resource officer is also the advisor for the UTHS Crime Stoppers. The Crime Stoppers board is currently made up of 23 student volunteers. The board meets regularly to determine the amount of reward to be given to someone reporting a crime. The students do not investigate the crimes, nor do they know the names of the individuals involved. Any student can contact a teacher, counselor, dean, student supervisor or the resource officer with information and their identity will be kept confidential.

East Moline School District 37

The East Moline Police Department, in partnership with the East Moline School District 37 created a School Resource Officer Position. This position was started with Officer Joe DeCap in the fall of 1998. Detective DuPage spends each school day working between Glenview Middle School, Bowlesburg, Hillcrest, Ridgewood and Wells Elementary Schols. The combined total of students is over 2,400 for the entire school district. this is an expansion of the Community Oriented Policing Program.

Detective DuPage does follow-up investigations that usually involve students from the school district. Not all of his duties deal with police work. Detective DuPage Allen also provides classroom instruction on everything from bicycle safety to Constitutional law dealing with Constitutional Amendments such as the 4th (search and seizures), 5th (rights of the accused) and the 6th (right to a speedy trial by jury).

Detective DuPage also meets with students/parents with various problems and counsels them and directs them to the proper help agency. Ofc. Allen is very approachable and encourages students to come see him with their problems. His goal for all of his students is to develop high moral values and learn from their mistakes.

But, most importantly, Detective DuPage is in the schools to provide a sense of security to the students and parents. Also the students can learn at any age that a policeman is a person, just like anyone else, and is there to help them in anyway they can.


Help Solve Crime

The East Moline Police Department is seeking information regarding criminal activity within the city limits. If you know of the whereabouts of subjects wanted for questioning, wanted on warrants, or have knowledge of criminal activity, please call the East Moline Police Department at 309-752-1555 or Crime Stoppers, 309-762-9500


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School Resource Officers


Detective Matt Drobney

United Township High School
Resource Officer





United Township High School

1275 Ave of the Cities
East Moline, Illinois 61244




Detective Joe DuPage

Glenview Middle School
Resource Officer



Glenview Middle School

3100 7th Street
East Moline, Illinois 61244


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