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Oct 31, 2014 5:00 PM
Trick or Treat

Nov 03, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Nov 11, 2014
City Offices Closed - Veteran's Day

Nov 17, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Nov 27, 2014
City Offices Closed - Thanksgiving

Nov 28, 2014
City Offices Closed - Thanksgiving

Dec 01, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Dec 15, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Dec 24, 2014
City Offices Closed - Christmas

Dec 25, 2014
City Offices Closed - Christmas


AT 06:30 PM ON 11/07/2005

Mayor Thodos led the City Council and all those present in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Mayor Thodos called the meeting to order and directed City Clerk Arletta D. Holmes, to call the roll. The following Aldermen were present: Helen Heiland, Luis Puentes, Luis Moreno, Carol Doose, Rick Meredith, Gary Kelley, and Gary Westbrook.

Clerk Holmes announced that Clarence “Clix” Vyncke is the recipient of the Citizen of the Year Award, Vickie S. Gryp is the recipient of the Denny Jacobs Public Servant Award, and Peter R. Mitchell, and D.C. is the recipient of the Rotarian of the Year Award.

There will be a dinner held in their honor on Thursday, November 10, 2005 at Quad City Downs beginning at 6:00p.m. Tickets are still available at the City Annex or from any Rotary Member. Rotary will be having a silent auction that evening with all proceeds going towards youth activities.

Mr. Keehner asked that item #2 on the Committee-of-the-Whole Agenda (SSA Update), be placed under the Mayor’s Report on the City Council Agenda.

City Clerk Holmes read the Consent Agenda that included the following items:
A) Approval of the City Council Minutes of October 17, 2005
B) Approval of the Committee of the Whole Minutes of October 17, 2005
C) Approval of Salaries from October 21, 2005 in the amount of $318,038.31.
D) Approval of Salaries from November 4, 2005 in the amount of $307,933.48.
E) Approval of Bills in the amount $1,328,235.54.
F) Approval of 721 26th Street being designated as Handicapped Parking.

A motion was made by Alderman Kelley, seconded by Alderman Puentes, to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. Upon roll call the following voted in favor: Meredith, Kelley, Westbrook, Heiland, Puentes, Moreno, and Doose. Motion carried.

The Mayor reported that the City had given Senator Jacobs a list of 11 requests for assistance. The first request was for an emergency generator for the Water Department.
Senator Jacobs has been able to secure us an application with the Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) for $40,000 of the $50,000 needed. Senator Jacobs is working very hard on that and hopefully he can also fulfill some of those other requests that we have made.

The Office of Economic and Adjustment, a Federal Government Agency have contacted Mayor Thodos, their purpose is to assist communities that are going through Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC). Mayor Thodos had an opportunity to speak with our liaison along with the other area Mayors and the County Board Chairman have had communication with the Department. They will be coming to the area next month to address some of our concerns as we move into the cycle of BRAC. Mayor Thodos stated he would continue to update the City Council as things progress.

The Mayor received notification from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) they will be doing street repairs, and intersection improvements during the month of January 2006, at no cost to the City of East Moline. The improvements will run through several wards, Avenue of the Cities and 11th Street. Installation of a new traffic signal on the South bound Kennedy Drive Lanes, and retrofitting two (2) existing intersections left turn traffic signal devices on 42nd Avenue and 11th Street are scheduled to begin January 2006.

On Saturday, November 12th, Habitat for Humanity will dedicate the “Women Build” home. It is the 3rd Habitat house build in the City of East Moline. “Women Build” is not about excluding men, but including women. The house is located at 738 22nd Street and will become home to Partner Family Kim Butler and her three sons Kendall, Kendrick, and Kannon. The Dedication Ceremony will begin at 10:00a.m. The public is welcome to attend this event.

Mayor Thodos turned the floor over to Mr. Banaszek to update the City Council on the Special Service Area (SSA).

Mr. Banasezk introduced the following two Committee members that were in attendance, Bob Baecke and Marie Gellerstedt. Other members serving on the SSA Committee are: Dan Van Hoe, Karl Nissen, Rick Harris, and Joyce Danley. The Advisory Board Members are Mayor Thodos, Rich Keehner, Assistance City Administrator, Jim Hughes, Finance Director, and Tim Knanishu, of REEDEM. The committee is very positive and hard working individuals.

Mr. Banaszek distributed to the City Council, the SSA Annual Report for 2005, which consist of the following information.
· Map of the Special Service Area (SSA)
· Meetings held in 2004/2005
· SSA Committee Timetable (was developed from the survey that the SSA did when the program started)
· List of Committee Members
· Budget for 2005
· Façade Program Participants
· Minutes of the 1st Annual Meeting that was held.
· SSA Sign-In Sheets
· SSA Sub Committee Chairs and contact numbers

Mr. Banasezk gave an overview of each project that the Committee is working on and what each Committee Chairperson is responsible for (See Attachment).
Quick Fix (Karl Nissen)
Eight (8) properties are slated for Store Front Clean-ups in 2006.
Parking (Bob Baecke)
Currently working with the Maintenance Department on Resurfacing. Sealing, and
Striping Parking areas, also possibility acquiring new lots for more parking in the
Pictures (Joyce Danley)
Before and after pictures are being taken of all the Downtown Businesses after
completion of their upgrades.
Focal Point (Marie Gellerstedt
Working on finding or bringing something into the downtown area to be a focal point,
Mrs. Gellerstedt has spoken with other Cities in the area to see what they have done to
accomplish creating or bringing in new businesses that will bring traffic into the
Key Businesses (Rich Keehner)
Assistant City Administrator, Rich Keehner is working very diligently to locate four (4)
Key businesses in the Downtown.
REDEEM (Tim Knanishu)
Working with the SSA Committee on how to connect the Quarter, Riverfront, and the

Mr. Dan Van Hoe, is looking at the railroad tracks from 7th to 14th Streets and to clean that area up and possibility clean up the rear of the building, also provide some lighting for the back of the buildings.
Image Committee
The SSA Committee is working with the Image Committee and we are making sure that we are not overlapping or duplicating projects.

Façade Program
We have sixteen (16) buildings we are working on and the total cost is $226,000, between the City’s Façade Program, SSA Façade Program, and the Property Owners contributions. Currently under construction are Eclipse Plumbing, Latin Village, and Van Hoe’s. The following six (6) Facades have been completed; Potteramics, Sullivan’s Phillips, Metro Bank Storage, Gabino’s Place, Pleasure Palace, and John’s Downtown Tap. There are before and after pictures displayed.

Mr. Banaszek stated it is a slow process, but the SSA Committee and myself is very
Enthusiastic. Hopefully when we do our budget next year we can continue both of these programs, and bring more of the building into the program.

Alderman Doose: Questioned if the 50/50 program will be ending the end of November or will the program be extended. Response: Mr. Keehner states he will be coming before the Mayor and City Council with a request for an extension for several projects that we have received applications for.

Mr. Banaszek informed the City Council that on December 12th, 2005 the SSA Committee would be having their Annual Meeting with the Property Owners at Metro Bank. We have sent out invitations to them, and hope to have a good turnout to show that we are actually making some progress. Mr. Banaszek thanked the Mayor City Council, and City Staff for all of their hard work in making this possible.

Mayor Thodos stated he has had the opportunity to attend several SSA meetings. You have a very dedicated group of downtown business people trying to do what they can with limited funds. Some of the projects are in the far future, but it will be here sooner than we know- rerouting traffic to the SSA.

Mr. Keehner we meet every Friday in the City Annex at 8:00a.m. we have been working
diligently with the property owners and other façade members. We have achieved a lot in the last twelve (12) months. I am very proud of what the SSA has done and the individuals who have put so much time and effort into these items, they are making some great progress.

ORDINANCE 05-32: An Ordinance amending Chapter 3 Entitled “Misdemeanors” of Title 6 Entitled “Police Regulations” of the City Code of the City of East Moline, 1974, and As Amended.

Attorney Phares: Thisis an Ordinance that provides adoption of new language for
6-3-5(E). No Person shall kindle, maintain or cause to be kindled or maintained, any fire on City Right-of-Way, Street, Avenue, Alley, Drainage Ditch, Easement or Park”

The additional new language is 6-3-5 (H) and reads as follows:
Any person, Business or Municipality may burn landscape waste, or conduct other open burning, only upon obtaining, after application, a permit, as required, from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and in accordance with the International Fire Code 2000 edition, and upon issuance of a permit, as required, by the appropriate City Code Enforcement Official. The lawful burning of leaves, in accordance with the provisions of this Section, shall not be prohibited by this paragraph.

A motion was made by Alderman Heiland, seconded by Alderman Moreno, to waive the reading of Ordinance 05-32. Upon roll call the following voted in favor: Meredith, Kelley, Westbrook, Heiland, Puentes, Moreno, and Doose. Motion carried.

Alderman Kelley questioned if homeowners would need to get a permit to burn leaves. Mayor Thodos stated that the burn days are still the same, however there are times that a permit is obtained for burning of construction materials.

A motion was made by Alderman Heiland, seconded by Alderman Kelley, to adopt Ordinance 05-32. Upon roll call the following voted in favor: Meredith, Kelley, Westbrook, Heiland, Puentes, Moreno, and Doose. Motion carried.

Alderman Moreno has two (2) items for discussion; all other items have been covered under the Consent Agenda, Ordinance, or Resolution.

Babcock Watermain (Alderman Westbrook)
On October 17th at the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting the City Council authorized offering water/sewer to be installed in the Babcock Addition. Water cost not to exceed $5,500, and Sewer cost not to exceed $10,000 not including lateral cost.

On November 3rd a town meeting was held with the residents who expressed an interested in connecting to City water and sewer. There were some residents that recentlyhad septic work done, and they are concerned about putting sewer in right now. The question is how long will they have before they must comply with hooking up to the sewer?

It was suggested by the Finance Director, Jim Hughes that a maximum of five (5) year be allowed for mandatory hook up, including a five (5) year deferment on septic tanks to be allowed including the lateral lines.

After a lengthy discussion was held, a motion was made by Alderman Westbrook, seconded by Alderman Kelley, to authorize five (5) years for water and sewer connection including lateral lines and a five (5) year deferment on septic tanks in the Babcock Addition. Direct City Staff to prepare the appropriate documents and allow the cost of the laterals to be included. Upon roll call the following voted in favor: Meredith, Kelley, Westbrook, Heiland, Puente’s, Moreno, and Doose. Motion carried.

Set Preliminary Tax Levy (Mr. Hughes)
Mr. Hughes informed the City Council of the need to adopt a tentative tax levy. The tax levy still has the ability to be raised or lowered at this time. This gives the City Council 30 days before final adoption.

A motion was made by Alderman Kelley, seconded by Alderman Meredith, to set the tentative tax levy in the amount of $4,461,991. Upon roll call the following voted in favor: Meredith, Kelley, Westbrook, Heiland, Puentes, Moreno, and Doose. Motion carried.

Each Department Head was given the opportunity to inform the City Council and all those present of events going on their Departments.

Mr. Keehner: Updated the City Council on the former Maintenance Garage. Terracon was contacted some weeks ago regarding the Phase II Study. They have conducted some below ground samples of the site, hopefully at the next meeting I will be able to provide the Council with information on the results of the test.

Chief Moreno: We are now accepting applications for the Illinois Quad-Cities Citizens Police Academy. The classes will run for eleven (11) weeks on Wednesday’s from January 4th through March 15th, 2006. It’s an academy that educates the public on how your Police Department operates. The Academy is sponsored by all of the Illinois Quad Cities Law Enforcement Agencies, and this gives you some background on how things are done. Participants will have the opportunity to shoot a police issued handgun, tour the County jail, participate in a mock trail, and participate in a Ride-A-Long with the Police Department that sponsored you. Anyone interested, see Chief Moreno, applications are available until the end of December 2005.

Mr. Piatt: Informed the City Council that on Thursday they will be meeting with Engineering to jump start their comprehensive survey.

Mr. Drake: Reported that a week ago Thursday, the Bi-State Regional Commission opened bids for chemical cost for water treatment, looks like there will be a 27% increase in chemical processing cost next year. We will be putting a public notice out to take bids for cabinets and counter tops for improvements to our Bacterial Testing Lab. This project is part of our capital improvements. It is a budgeted item.

Mr. Willemarck: Reported that they were faxed a picture of a man in a wheelchair going down 16th Avenue, because he couldn’t get on the sidewalk. The Mail Boxes were blocking the sidewalk. Last week we moved the Mail Boxes from 8th Street and 15th Avenue (across from the Post Office) and placed down near the Library. The media was notified of this change.

Alderman Doose: That same wheelchair gentleman likes to ride in the street, on the day I observed him riding in the street, there was a lady being pushed in a wheelchair on the sidewalk next to him. There was nothing blocking the sidewalk.

Alderman Kelley: Expressed concern about people in wheelchairs riding in the street, also coming out from behind parked cars. Is there an ordinance that they should have something reflective on in order for the publics see them? Chief Moreno stated he would check on that.

Alderman Westbrook: Stated there is a sidewalk issue on the north side of Morton Drive by the Union Hall.

Mr. Hughes: Reminder The City of East Moline, and MetroBank will be hosting the Northwest Municipal Association Meeting at Short Hills Country Club, on Wednesday November 9, 2005, at 5:30p.m.

Mayor Thodos gave members of the audience the opportunity to address the City Council.

Crystal Mosher–3714 6th Avenue, East Moline, IL. - Expressed her concerns in regards to the water issue in Babcock. Ms. Mosher states she has a lot of questions, such as if you pay the $5,500 to run the line must you immediately hook up to City water even if your well water test positive? A lengthy discussion was held regarding issues with the County, State, and City rules and regulations.

Alderman Moreno made the recommendation that Ms. Mosher submit her list of questions to City Staff, in order to give them ample time to respond to her concerns.
Mr. Keehner will give Ms. Mosher his business card for her to submit the list of questions.

Larry Schutz - 413 40th Street, East Moline, IL. – Mr. Schutz questioned why he is being asked to pay $5,500 when line it is already there from a federal grant back in 1992. Mr. Hughes stated there is an Ordinance with all the parcels listed along 40th Street that was included regarding that project. Mr. Hughes will check the ordinance and get back with him.

Rhea Oakes – 584 Forest Road, East Moline, IL. – Due to the situation that we were taking something from the community, Mr. Oakes was wondering what other alternations were to leaf burning. Asked for information about the burn barrel, also what we could or could not do to eliminate the bagging. Not in favor of a lottery to have burning consistently throughout the fall. Ms. Oakes stated she did receive some answers from her Alderman, and spoke with the Fire Chief and the Director of Maintenance, so her questions have been answered.

A motion was made by Alderman Kelley, seconded by Alderman Westbrook, to adjourn the City Council meeting. Upon roll call the following voted in favor: Meredith, Kelley, Westbrook, Heiland, Puentes, Moreno and Doose. Motion carried. 7:40 p.m.

Minutes taken and submitted by,
Arletta D. Holmes, City Clerk


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