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Jul 23, 2014
Fishing Clinic

Jul 30, 2014
Fishing Clinic

Aug 04, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Aug 05, 2014 5:00 PM
Night Out Against Crime

Aug 18, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Sep 01, 2014
City Offices Closed - Labor Day Holiday

Sep 02, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Sep 15, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Oct 06, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Oct 20, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting


ON 08/21/2000


Mayor Ward called the meeting to order and directed the City Clerk Bobbi-Sue Huntoon to call the roll. The following Alder People were present: Carol Doose, David Kelley, Gary Kelley, Crotis Teague, Helen Heiland, John Thodos and Joe Moreno. There were no Alder people absent.


Since the creation of the East Moline Centennial Committee, the following activities have been undertaken. For liability purposes, decided to form an Illinois not for profit corporation called "East Moline Centennial Committee, Inc."(EMCC for short) The following officers were selected: Mark VandeWiele Chairperson, Marcia Lintz Vice-Chairperson, Joan Allee Secretary, Jim Hughes Treasurer, Judy Belan Historian. Jim Hughes was contacted concerning setting up an account and having his office handle the funds and donations. The Dispatch ran an article on EMCC, which brought in a financial contribution and the assistance of several new volunteers. Spike O'Dell was contacted and he has agreed to assist. EMCC is preparing a Logo contest for local students to design the EMCC's 100 year logo. The final design will be presented to the Council in October, 2000. EMCC is looking at putting together a written history of East Moline's first 100 years. EMCC has adopted the following as a Mission Statement.

Act as planner and coordinator of the City of East Moline's 100 year Celebration to reflect upon the City's past that the past may aid in envisioning the City's future.

A City wide tennis tournament has been discussed. The celebration will take place the entire year, but with two main events centered around two regular annual City events. The first is the Fourth of July Celebration in 2003. The Firecracker Run brings people to East Moline in the morning. The parade keeps them here in the early afternoon (even in spite of the rainstorm this past 4th.) EMCC wants to work with the parade coordinators to tie in the 100 year celebration with the parade theme. After the parade EMCC wants people to stay in East Moline for a cook-out such as pork chop sandwiches and Bands. EMCC will look for community groups to help put this on (such as the UTHS booster club, Rotary & Exchange Club) to aid in preparing and serving food and beverages and to serve as fund-raisers for the groups. At dark we would like to see the return of a fire-works display, perhaps on the old Mallable Works soccer fields so that people can remain in the downtown area the entire day and evening. The logistics would have to be worked out to make sure the site is suitable, Since 7/4/03 is a Friday, Saturday would be a natural rain date for the fireworks and possibly the EM Fun Fest. The Second Mail Event is the Citizen of the Year Award held in October of each year. EMCC would also like the CAC and Rotary to honor a number of citizens or entities that have had a positive impact on East Moline's first 100 years. These honorees could have their accomplishments duly recognized by way of individual plaques that could be hung in a prominent public place such as the Library of City Hall. Citizen's would be asked to nominate honorees. As part of the awards dinner the High School could put on a play or a show with historical themes. Both of these events will take money to put on along with cooperation from many groups, Is the Council willing to support and commit money and City resources for these two major events? EMCC is seeking the Councils input and commitment early so that the EMCC knows how to structure and plan the celebration and events. If the City Council indicated that these two events are what the Council would like to see, EMCC will put together some proposed budgets for the Councils consideration and to fund.

A motion was made by Thodos, seconded by G. Kelley to concur with the request from the EMCC's Centennial Celebration for the 2003 Celebration start planning, EMCC will bring back a proposed budget outlining what each of the events will cost, pass to the full council for consideration. There was discussion. Upon roll call the following Alder People voted in favor: Doose, D. Kelley, G. Kelley, Teague, Heiland, Thodos and Moreno. The motion carries.


The proposal is to hire a part-time Housing Inspector to address East Moline's residential neighborhoods that are in need of attention. The goal of the Inspection Program would be to address the daily housing complaints, to follow-through on the rehabilitation and/or demolition of residential structures as appropriate, and to update and address the current inventory of abandoned houses in various locations throughout the community. The focus is to have a viable Housing Inspection Program for three years with the understanding that this program would be evaluated on an annual basis to ensure that it is successfully meeting it's goals. If approved the Inspector Hire Date would be October of 2000. The proposal is 25 hours a week for one year evaluate and possibly continue for up to three years. The hourly rate would be based on an entry level Building Inspector Salary ($13.77/hour). Hourly rate of $13,77 X 25 Hours Per Week X 52 weeks = approximately $17,901.00/Year. $17,901.00 X 3 = $53,703.00 / 3Year Housing Inspection Program. Recently Development Services contacted HUD to see if the Housing Fund (a HUD revolving loan program) could be used for an inspection program. The HUD Representative indicated that the money could be used for such a program, as long as the focus was on low-income housing and neighborhoods. The dollars used for the Housing Inspection Salary would not have to be repaid, The Housing fund consists of dollars that have been loaned out over the years and repaid. The current balance is $181,630.84. If a Housing Inspection Program were implemented, $53,703.00 funds would be expended, $127,927.88 would remain for rehabilitation costs associated with the City's low-income housing loan program. Additionally, the City had $35,719.29 currently outstanding on home loans.

A motion was made by D. Kelley, seconded by Doose to form a committee to study the housing inspection program, work with the Fire Department, Alderman Thodos, and other staff members as needed, bring back to the C-O-W in less than 60 days. There was discussion. Upon roll call the following Alder People voted in favor: Doose, D. Kelley, G. Kelley, Teague, Heiland, Thodos and Moreno. The motion carries.


A motion was made by D. Kelley, seconded by G. Kelley to adjourn. Upon roll call the following Alder People voted in favor: Doose, D. Kelley, G. Kelley, Teague, Heiland, Thodos and Moreno. The motion carries. 8:10 p.m.

Minutes taken and submitted by,

Bobbi-Sue Huntoon, City Clerk


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