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Oct 31, 2014 5:00 PM
Trick or Treat

Nov 03, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Nov 11, 2014
City Offices Closed - Veteran's Day

Nov 17, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Nov 27, 2014
City Offices Closed - Thanksgiving

Nov 28, 2014
City Offices Closed - Thanksgiving

Dec 01, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Dec 15, 2014 6:30 PM
City Council Meeting

Dec 24, 2014
City Offices Closed - Christmas

Dec 25, 2014
City Offices Closed - Christmas





MAY 5, 2008




Mayor Thodos called the meeting to order and directed City Clerk Arletta D. Holmes to call the roll.  The following Aldermen were present:  Helen Heiland, Luis Puentes, Luis Moreno, Cheri Bustos, David Kelley, Roseann Cervantes, Gary Westbrook, and Mayor Thodos.   7:14 p.m. 







In order to utilize Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds for an eligible project, the City must formally appropriate MFT funds by means of a Resolution.  The Resolution appropriates $70,000.00 of MFT funds for the Kennedy Drive Sidewalk Project, which was previously discussed with Council as part of the 2008 Capital Improvement Projects.  



Approve Resolution for MFT Section No. 08-00141-00-SW (Kennedy Drive Sidewalk) in the amount of $70,000.00. 



Up to $70,000 expenditure from MFT funds. 


Alderman Kelleycommented thatthis is an entry point into the City, a place where visitors and people from other cities come to see what East Moline is about.  I have been a little displeased with not having sidewalks in this area.  I have always said that in the 5th Ward we have the most expensive homes and the most low income housing.  Many people walk on that street.  It is a dangerous situation I am very pleased and give thanks to the Engineering team or whoever came up with this plan.  This makes our City look so much better.  The new Rock Island Health Care Center building is being built and I think it is imperative with all these different people coming into the City that we present a positive image. 




Alderman Westbrook stated that in a residential area often the sidewalk on the Right-of-Way is an issue.  If the sidewalk is in poor condition is there a “fifty fifty” program, or some kind of program, to replace that sidewalk.  In this case are we looking at the kind of situation or is this sidewalk the responsibility of the City to repair or replace?   


Mr. Willemarck stated that the City has a program to replace sidewalks. The replacement program is what is called the “fifty fifty” program. 


City Attorney Phares stated that a large portion of that improvement for the sidewalk is contiguous to a deep ravine, which will probably never be developed.   Therefore it is almost incumbent upon the City to provide for the installation of that sidewalk for safety purposes.  


There is one medical building along

Kennedy Drive
. That building, in the future, if that sidewalk has to be replaced in my opinion that should be the responsibility of the Owner, otherwise, for the most part, it is property that cannot be developed.   Most of the present sidewalk is on the west side so it would be a shorter run for a sidewalk.  


Mr. Kammler noted that there are more driveways that would be crossed on the east side.  That makes it more dangerous for pedestrians.  On the west side there is only one driveway and crossing the entire way from the Moline border to the Rock Island Care Center.  It will be a very safe place for people to walk and will have designated cross walks. 


Alderman Moreno expressed his concerns regarding women with babies and small children trying to get across

Kennedy Drive
.  Alderman Moreno asked Chief Moreno if he could look at the traffic patterns in that area. 


Mayor Thodos stated that ideally it would be nice to have sidewalks on both sides of the street, but due to funding it is not possible.  He stated that Alderman Moreno has a good point and directed Chief Moreno to present a report regarding speed patterns at the next Committee-of-the-Whole meeting. 


A motion was made by Alderman Kelley, seconded by Alderman Heiland, to concur with staff recommendation as presented and direct the City Attorney to prepare the appropriate document and forward to the City Council for their consideration.  Upon roll call the following voted in favor:  Heiland, Puentes, Moreno, Kelley. Cervantes and Westbrook.  Motion carried.  



 Major renovations are about to begin at the Water Filtration Plant.  The original treatment plant was built in 1955 with an expansion in 1966.  During this time asbestos was widely used for pipe insulation.  To insure a safe working environment for employees and contractors during the upcoming renovations staff is requesting plans, and specifications and approval to receive bids for asbestos removal at the Water Filtration Plant.  All work will be performed in accordance within State and Federal regulations for removal and disposal of asbestos.  Bids will be brought before the Council at the June 2, 2008 meeting for final approval. 



Approve the request to receive bids for asbestos removal at the Water Filtration Plant. 



Preliminary engineer’s estimate is $55,000.  This project costs will be paid from the $8 Million Dollar Bond. 


A motion was made by Alderman Moreno, seconded by Alderman Bustos, to concur with staff’s recommendation as presented and direct the City Attorney to prepare the appropriate document and forward to the City Council for their consideration.  Upon roll call the following voted in favor:  Heiland, Puentes, Moreno, Bustos, Kelley, Cervantes, and Westbrook.  Motion carried.  



The City has been approached by representatives of Ilowa Construction Labor & Management Council requesting the consideration that certain City projects be bid as “Impact projects”.  Information for Council’s review has been distributed.  This material was received from Illowa.   



Council preference. 



None at this time. 


Mr. Jerry Lack, Executive Director of Illowa Construction Labor & Management Council, addressed the City Council regarding the use of the Illowa Construction Labor and Management Council’s “IMPACT” Agreement on construction projects by the City of East Moline, Illinois.  Mr. Lack stated that Illowa was formed in 1985 and has successfully entered into over 200 IMPACT agreements. He feels the successes of these agreements are due to communication and cooperation between labor, management, and the owners.   


Mr. Lack explained what Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) are and how they work, and the advantages of using a PLA.  Benefits are realized by the contractor, because they are guaranteed a pool of highly trained skilled labor who agrees to the terms of the agreement, including no-strike clauses.  For Developers there is no lost time due to disputes between workers and contractors over jurisdictional issues, safety matters, or questions arising in the course of the project.  Workers are paid fair wages with benefits, allowing them to contribute to the State’s economy through household spending and taxes.  In addition, they are more likely to be working in a safer job situation, with more safety training and oversight.   


Information was provided from the University of Maine and the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. (ABC) on their views regarding Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s).  Mr. Lack noted that ABC opposes all PLA’s.  There is a study from the University of Maine which points out the benefits of using PLA’s such as the “IMPACT” Agreement.  


Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) are a useful mechanism in any construction project involving contractors and a range of skilled workers in different trades.  By providing a collective bargaining structure and arrangement, the agreement will maximize efficiency, stability, predictability, and productivity. 


Mr. Lack answered questions and concerns.  He also thanked the Mayor Thodos and City Council for allowing him the opportunity to present the IMPACT   Agreement.  He provided the City Council with an IMPACT Construction Directory. 



Mayor Thodos noted at the last meeting Mr. Keehner and the Mayor had met with Mr. Lack and Mr. Washburn to discuss in more detail the pros and cons of IMPACT Agreements. They are used on many public projects.  The questions will   always arise regarding could it be done less expensive or some other way.  That whole issue regarding the cost is the same.   As a reminder our City Garage wasnot an IMPACT Agreement and there were had problems:  cost over-runs, delays, and things of that nature.  It has been a very successful tool for other muncipialies. The City of East Moline has some large projects scheduled.  The Morton project would have been a good project to put under the IMPACT Agreement.  Mayor Thodos invited Mr. Lack to attend our City Council meeting and answer any questions.  Mayor Thodos stated that it is to the City’s detriment not to use them in the future.   Having an agreement with the trades to ensure that are projects will come in on time and on budget.     


Alderman Bustos commented that the contract language is too vague and needs to be changed.  


City Attorney Phares states he believes the Resolution to be considered by the City Council should contain language that should the City Council approve the concept, that the IMPACT Agreement would be voted upon when considered project is approved and bid notices are authorized by the City Council.  It would be on a project by project basis and approved by the City Council at the same time the project is approved and authorized. 


Mayor Thodos noted that this is something the City should implement as part of the bidding process.   It is a matter of being able to ensure that our projects come in on time, and will not have work stoppage.  Projects are more organized and everybody is working under one contract.  Other municipalities are using IMPACT agreements and the City Council should seriously consider them, taking into account the number of major projects scheduled.  Additional questions, comments, and concerns were addressed by Mr. Lack. 


Mr. Terry Brandt   of Brandt Construction Company,

700 4th Street West Milan, Illinois

 Mr. Brandt, representing the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), expressed his concerns regarding the Project Labor Agreement (PLA). He stated that this agreement is basically a restriction on bidding.  Mr. Brandt and ABC believe it is important to have open competition and believes that all construction companies should have an opportunity to bid and work on construction projects.    



Council preference. 


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