1. City Forms

    For your convenience, access an array of city forms.

  2. City Ordinances

    Access the City of East Moline's City Code.

  3. Downtown Programs

    The City of East Moline and Special Service Area have several programs to help property owners improve their properties.

  4. East Moline Main Street

    Visit East Moline's Mainstreet website to find information on businesses, events, and more!

  5. East Moline Public Library

    The East Moline Public Library is located at 740 16th Avenue. Please stop by for a visit today!

  6. Local Area Links

    To learn more about area agencies, organizations, and certain initiatives in our area please visit these websites.

  7. Parks

    The Parks Division has 16 parks within the City of East Moline.

  8. Special Event Applications

    Access the application for a permit to host a special event within the City of East Moline, also find a waiver fee application, and more!

  9. Welcome Difference

    A Welcome Difference Campaign

  10. QC Trails